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This manual is a complete gudie through the world of integration. It is an absolute must for any studnet taking an advanced Calculus class.


With the help of this manual you will be able to master the basic concepts of integration, dive deeper into the world of advanced integrals through u-substitution and integration by parts, and many more.


Here is what's inside:


  1. Understand the concept of integration and its historical significance
  2. Master the power rule and other basic rules of integration
  3. U-Substitution
  4. Integration by parts
  5. Exponential and Logarithmic Integrals
  6. Trigonometric Integrals: Beyond Sine and Cosine
  7. Definite integrals and area under the curve
  8. Startegies for efficient problem solving
  9. Over 50 practive problems with step-by-step solutions


Stop waiting and take the ownership of your academic success.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Integrals

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